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The rather unreliable Verlaine tells us that after he was released from prison in — he had shot Rimbaud in the arm in a Brussels hotel room — the younger poet handed him a pile of loose pages and asked him to find a publisher.

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The work was greeted at the time with some laudatory reviews, though not many copies were bought. Only three poems have broken lines.

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It does not contain the explicit playful or lyrical obscenity of earlier times, but rather a subtler incandescent or ecstatic range of congruous and incongruous, urban and pastoral imagery, and historical and mythological reference often grounded in near-recognizable autobiographical narrative. A wealth of images — mineral, industrial, theatrical, royal, natural and nostalgic — often develop by leaps of immediate personal association rather than by sequential or narrative logic, employing the techniques of Surrealism decades before it existed as a movement.

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If Rimbaud anticipated the Surrealists by decades, Ashbery is said to have gone beyond them and defied even their rules and logic. He shifts away from the closest translation only where necessary, and there is plenty of room within this close adherence for vibrant and less obvious English word choices. View all New York Times newsletters. Even a simple problem reveals his skill.

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We are fortunate that John Ashbery has turned his attention to a text he knows so well, and brought to it such care and imaginative resourcefulness. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

Collected Poems by Arthur Rimbaud

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Before he had turned 21, Arthur Rimbaud — upended the house of French poetry and left it in shambles. Against the backdrop of the crumbling Second Empire and the tumultuous Paris Commune, the poet took centuries-old traditions of French versification and picked them apart with an unmatched knowledge of how they fitted together. Written for general readers and students of literature alike, Arthur Rimbaud presents the original damned poet who continues to captivate readers, artists and writers all over the world.

The reader experiences the thrill of being granted a front-row seat to the precocious becoming and premature undoing of our young hero. The originality of this concise volume lies in its thoughtful fusion of criticism and reportage, and its unique organization of the poet's well-documented life. In addition to generous excerpts of Rimbaud's poetry and letters, this work incorporates ample drawings and photographs, some by the poet himself, to introduce a truly catalytic and creative life. Highly recommended. Discussion of the poetry is nuanced throughout, and we are treated to some delightfully perceptive close readings.

Arthur Rimbaud : voyant ou voyou ? par Henri Guillemin (1963 / France Culture)