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Everyone needs salvation. Just as important, though, he knows how to populate his future environments with real-seeming people whose lives extend beyond the page.

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Hamilton smashes through the crazy battlefield of space opera like a giant all-conquering war-robot. You need Salvation, my friend. Salvation is a twisty and hugely satisfying SF thriller that opens a portal on a new and exciting series. Salvation is space- opera intrigue with a cold shock of an ending that makes the sequel a matter of urgency. It lasted only a short time. Nonetheless, the backdrop of Dr. They failed.

Warner, Rev. Francis W. McPeek, and E. Roland H. Jared C. William L White, Slaying the Dragon, , Ullery, Men of Vermont, William H. Jeffrey, Successful Vermonters, Johnsbury] John M. John E. Amos R.

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John R. Clements, The Francis E. Johnsbury Academy] Arthur Fairbanks et. Howard Hopkins, John R. Mott, Laurence L.

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  • Generally speaking. The Salvationists have capitalized on the same techniques that have made other reform programs work: 1 Insistence on total abstinence. Twice Born Men, Rev. Moody Mark O. Guldseth, Streams, Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed, Dick B. Susan Cheever, My Name is Bill, , Wilbur Chapman, S. Hadley of Water Street, Christian Recovery Guide Bill W. The Conversion of Bill W.

    Willie was saved, said so, and never touched a drop during the remaining years of his life. And Bill was no stranger to revivals, conversion meetings, temperance meetings, and salvation teachings—the latter in his church and Sunday school] 1 Dr. Carl Jung had told Rowland Hazard that he had the mind of a chronic alcoholic and that a conversion experience might heal him 2 Rowland Hazard made a decision for Jesus Christ and also joined the Oxford Group.

    Rowland taught him about the efficacy of prayer. William D. Silkworth had given Bill a virtual death sentence contingent upon his continuing to drink. Suddenly my room blazed with an indescribably white light. I stood upon its summit where a great wind blew. A wind, not of air, but of spirit.

    Bill W., A Strange Salvation

    In great, clean strength it blew right through me. He became more quiet. A great peace stole over him. Bill told Silkworth what had happened.

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    Am I still perfectly sane? He handed Bill a copy of a book by Professor William James. In , S. Hadley took charge of the Water Street Mission. Hadley died in He went with a Bible under his arm and insisted that drunks give their lives to God. Bob [Dr. Bob was born in St. They taught Bob about salvation and the Word of God. Temperance was in the air. The Salvation Army was becoming well known for its outreach and resulting healing of derelicts and drunks. Bob was active, had laid out a program of confession of Jesus Christ, conversions, Bible study meetings, prayer meetings, Quiet Hour observances, and reading and speaking on Christian literature.

    Their program, though not aimed at drunkards, was certainly focused on bringing young people back to their churches. In his early sobriety, Dr. Bob had turned back to church for himself and Sunday school for his children. And the program of the early Akron A. I learned little about him at that time. But I researched an learned a lot about what happened in Akron in When Jim arrived in Akron, he befriended Russell Firestone but found that Russell had a serious drinking problem.

    Jim tried to help Russell by Oxford Group techniques. But finally, the family decided to call in Rev. But on the trip back, Sam Shoemaker took Russell into a train compartment and led Russell to a new birth in Christ. By the time the train arrived back in Akron, Russell was healed, and his doctor felt it was a miracle.

    They invited Dr. Frank Buchman and a retinue of some 30 Oxford Group activists to come to Akron, speak in the pulpits and public places, and inform the press. And a large part of the town turned out to hear Russell, Jim, Buchman, and others give testimony.

    His friend Henrietta Seiberling and his wife Anne attended the functions. They were excited. They persuaded Dr. Bob to join a small Oxford Group. And, though he continued to drink, Dr. Bob read all the Oxford Group literature he could get his hands on. He studied the Bible extensively once again. He prayed. And he enjoyed the people. But Henrietta was undeterred. She convened a tiny group, including Bob.

    They all engaged in life-changing stories. And Bob joined the group on his knees on the rug at the T. Henry Williams home, asking God for help. Help did not come at once. But a seemingly miraculous phone call reached Henrietta from an unknown stranger from New York. It lasted six hours. Bob said he had heard it all before, but that Bill talked his language—the story of a drunk. And, after one last binge, Bob quit forever while Bill Wilson was living with the Smiths in their home.