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Give me a call or send an email. Because sometimes you need more than software to do the job right. PS: I created this overview of Lynda. Hi, I just wanted to inform you about another free resource that might be helpful when in need to get a format compatible with your eReader. Check it out and see how it works.

How To Create a Fixed Layout Ebook with Adobe InDesign CC

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InDesign Tip: Export Document as Separate PDF Pages

Custom Search. On this page Page 6 , I want to add a clickable cross-reference link, which will take the reader straight over to Page 10 of the eBook. We can use a similar process to apply a cross-reference. Highlight the text you want to use as your cross-reference link. In the window that opens, choose Page from the Type menu at the top. Under Page , choose the page you would like the eBook to skip forward to, in this case You can also specify the zoom settings of the destination page.

Fixed is usually a sensible pick, but you can adapt the zoom specifically depending on your preference. Click OK to apply the cross-reference and return to the InDesign document. Give your eBook a suitable name and save to a folder you can easily find.

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In the Export to Interactive PDF window that opens, ensure that Pages is set to All unless you want to export only a selection of pages from your document. If your document is set up to single-page spreads, as is my Inbox Zero eBook, you can check Pages. This can look very nice, but note that smaller devices like eReaders, tablets and phones will make the layout appear even smaller, which can make for an uncomfortable reading experience.

Check View After Exporting to preview your design after export. You also have the option to Open in Full Screen Mode , which allows the focus to be completely on your eBook. Note that this can be inconvenient for users of multi-media devices like laptops and computers, who may want to browse other things and open other programs while the eBook is open. By doing this, your eBook will tell the PDF viewer that sections of text are arranged as a paragraph or whole word, and not simply units of disorganized text, so when text is pasted from your PDF it will retain its original structure.

In the Image Handling section you can adjust the quality of images in your PDF, to either maximize image quality for a polished result or compress image quality to save on file size.

For eBooks to be circulated online, a High JPEG Quality and 72 ppi Resolution should be sufficient, but you can increase either or both of these if you want to minimize blurring or pixelation. You can also add optional security settings to your eBook.

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Click on the Security button at the bottom-left of the window to set a password for opening the document, or a password to restrict editing a handy little feature if you want to share a draft document with others. Click OK to exit the Security window.

Finally, click OK to create your eBook. Make sure to test your hyperlinks and cross-references to make sure everything has been set up correctly, before sharing your eBook with others. Great work! The reader also has the flexibility of enlarging font size to improve legibility, as well as being able to highlight and copy sections of text and insert bookmarks. If, like my Inbox Zero book, your layout is more detailed, with images, irregular text-flow, columns and color, the final EPUB result will be more predictable if you take the time to simplify your book design.

Another option is to export your book as a fixed layout EPUB. Adobe InDesign CC has capabilities to export to fixed layout, but the results can be a bit unpredictable. If you want to preserve the formatting of your design-heavy book, I would recommend exporting your design as an interactive PDF or investing in an InDesign plug-in or specialist fixed layout conversion app.

Deselect Facing Pages to create a single-page layout. For the Page Size , set the Width to px 8. Different devices will require slight variations in size, but this 8.

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EPUBs are designed to be flexible, with readers able to set their own font choices if they wish. It will make your life much easier if you define these different portions of text as Paragraph Styles , allowing you to create a ToC without a headache. Click on the Create New Style button at the bottom of the panel, and double-click on the new style to open the Options window. If you want to insert images into your layout, you will need to ensure they are anchored in place on the page.

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  7. If, for example, you want to sandwich an image between two paragraphs of text, you will have to fix the image to this spot to avoid InDesign pushing the image to the end of the section by default when the EPUB is exported. Place your Type Tool T cursor between two paragraphs where you would like the image to be anchored. InDesign will drop the image into the text frame and anchor it in the process, symbolized by a small anchor symbol at the top right of the image.

    You can shuffle the text around the image to give it some breathing space and adjust the image size without affecting the position of the image in the final EPUB.

    InDesign Basics | Create a Book in InDesign - InDesign Skills

    You will need to set up a ToC for your book, even if you have already created a contents page. In the window that opens, you can set the Title of your ToC. You want the ToC to automatically create a full list of contents based on the headers in your book. You can also adjust the settings for the Entry Style. When you click OK , InDesign will load your cursor with the prepared table of contents. Click Save.