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So what did we talk about and what did we EAT? You may be wondering whether we engaged in lofty, pithy conversation… for a little while, we did touch on lo stato del mondo the state of the world and la politica politics , but mostly, I was translating between the four of them giving them and their iPad translator apps a welcome rest!

So where did they go and what did they see? The important cathedrals of SoCal? Non proprio! Il morale della storia?

Giovedì della VI settimana del Tempo di Pasqua

The moral of the story? Link to Mons. Luigi on internet — See him in traditional attire at the celebration of his 25 years as a priest. Ever been to Scilla? I love reading your comments! Che bella giornata a Firenze oggi! Jodina did an amazing job preparing me in the advancement of my Italian skills!


There are only five of us in class, all from different countries, with the only common language being Italian. You can imagine the fun we have trying to communicate — LOL.

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All kidding aside, we do manage to have some quite lofty conversations. I am throughly enjoying myself here in this magnificent city. Last night I was entertained by a free opera performance in front of The Duomo and a fabulous jazz trio in another small piazza. It is a wonderful city for the solo traveler, as you never feel alone. There are friendly people everywhere, and so many activities from which to choose. Do you have a story of your own to share? We welcome your comments below!

Perhaps you practice one of the many varieties of fiber arts, or perhaps you just appreciate i prodotti finiti the finished products resulting from skills that have been tramandati da generazione in generazione passed from generation to generation. Before la produzione in massa mass production , fiber arts were integral to the creation of everyday knit and woven goods.

These traditional artisan art forms now enjoy great popularity as hobbies. If you are lucky enough to live near north San Diego County, check out this link and check out the event! Here is Italian vocabulary related to the most popular forms of fiber arts :.

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Do you practice any of the fiber arts le antiche arti femminili? Got any words to add to this glossary? I love hearing your comments! Che bello allora how nice then that Lisa has graciously agreed to share her experiences in a series of guest blogs that I will be featuring here on my website, completo con delle fotografie complete with photos. Ecco il suo primo blog here is her first blog post. Auguri e grazie a Lisa! Good wishes and thanks to Lisa! E a voi, buona lettura. My dream journey has officially begun! After a hour flight from LA to Rome, a 5-hour layover to take a minute flight to Florence and a wild taxi ride from the Vespucci airport to my apartment by a crotch-rearranging driver, I am safely nestled in my abode :.

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It is within walking distance of every amazing sight this gorgeous city has to offer. My first short stroll was to none other than the wine shop! The owner was so friendly and we enjoyed a cheery conversation. I can already tell that I am most definitely an Italian by nature as well as by heritage. I feel alive here with all of the bustling city noises and rather loud voices resonating up through my open windows. Life really is more beautiful in Italia! Uova di Pasqua : Italian Easter eggs. I found the following anonymous poesia poem on filastrocche.

The translation is mine. Buona Pasqua! I wish everyone — however you celebrate this time of year —. Car Hire See all Civate car hire. Nearby restaurants. La Storica di Asso. Pizzeria Pulcinella. Garage Pub. Nearby attractions. Abbazia San Pietro al Monte. Il lungolago. Pista Ciclabie sull'Adda. Write a review. Traveller rating. Time of year.

Traveller type. Selected filters. No results found. Doing a search on the video tab will give you plenty of examples. Yeah, at the beginning, yes; I did that like I dubbed famous artists and actors. Poi, eh, mi sono concentrata molto sui documentari.

Captions , Marika e Daniela - Daniela Bruni, voice over. Inoltre, questo In addition, this This is fundamental when you find yourself, in fact, in the dubbing studio and need to deal with a script or a character. Captions , Arianna e Marika - Il lavoro di doppiatrice. Caption 7, Marika spiega - Proverbi italiani - Part 2.

As Arianna tells us, you can go to school to get professional training in dubbing. Apart from dubbing actual movies, producers need dubbers for corporate videos, voice-overs for documentaries, and voices for cartoon characters. This week, Marika talks about adverbs. But she also talks about adjectives used as adverbs in idiomatic expressions. If we think about it, this happens in English, too, as we shall see.

The dough has been resting in the fridge. Now it's stiffer and that way we can prepare the little balls. Captions , Dolcetti vegan - al cocco e cioccolato. Caption 31, Marika spiega - Gli avverbi di modo. In the following example, Francesca has made a big snowball. Admittedly, it has nothing to do with the workplace, but it has to do with spending time doing something. Ah, che fatica, amici!

Ho veramente impiegato molto tempo e molta energia per creare questa enorme palla di neve, che somiglia quasi a una slavina. Oh, what a job, friends!

James Ciccolini – Proudly Italian And First Nations

I truly spent a lot of time, and lots of energy to create this enormous snowball, which almost resembles an avalanche. Captions , Francesca - neve - Part 3. But one day will you make me your bride? Mia sposa? No, non posso. Come oso? Sposare voi, un umile impiegato morto di fame e sempre squattrinato.

My bride? No, I can't. To collect unemployment, you have to go there to prove you are looking for a job. Questi pettini vengono utilizzati dagli operai per scuotere le foglie e le olive stesse. These combs are used by workers to shake down the leaves and the olives themselves.

Italian - Curriculum - Victorian Curriculum

They may have different roles. In the month of December, those that are hired employees , receive the so-called thirteenth, that is, a paycheck in addition to the one already received. They have to drum up work, make out invoices, and get paid by their clients.