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Pavan and Galliard 3.

Divertimento, No. Sonatina, No. Hymn Interpretations Dallier, H. Cinq Invocations Lemoine ed. Noel arr. Bitgood 3. Watters 3. The Cuckoo arr. Biggs, St. West, John E. Melody 2. Scherzo Symphonique DeBruyn, R. Six Pieces for organ 5. Clair de Lune trans. Cellier 3. Gaston Choisnel Debussy, C. Romance trans. Rogers, loose cover brittle 2. Murray Dello Joio, N. Laudation Dello Joio, N. Six Etudes Bornemann, like new Demessieux, J. Andante Serioso St. Series 80 3.


Series 80 worn 2. Berceuse 2. Exaltatation St. The Joy of the Redeemed Dickinson, C. Memories St. Reverie St. Series 79 3. Two Ancient Melodies 2. Psalm 4 and Psalm 90 Diemente, E. Two Pieces for organ Diemer, E. Carols for Organ Diemer, E. Eight Pieces for Organ Diemer, E. Preludes to the Past Diemer, E. Psalm Interpretations, Vol. Seasonal Psalms for Organ, Vol. Suite of Easter Hymns 5.

Allegretto Grazioso Diggle, R. Carol Prelude Diggle, R. Choral Symphonique on four hymns 3. Exultate Deo 2. Woodland Flute Call ed.

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Hornpipe in D 1. Funf Orgelchorale Doppelbauer, J. Adoration 2.

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Adoration et Vox Angelica poor cond. Alleluia on O Filii et Filiae 3. Alleluia; arr. Cantilene Nuptiale 6. March of the Magi 3. March of the Magi Schmidt 4. Messe de marriage 7.


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Messe de marriage 4. Six Pieces ed. Noble 6. Sortie Grand Choeur Dubois, Th. Ten Pieces 5.

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Toccata in G major 4. Twelve Pieces Schirmer 6. Twelve New Pieces Schirmer 6. First Sonata in G minor Schmidt 6. First Sonata in G minor photocopy, but a good one of the edition 5. Wedding Prayer 1. Louis 3. Largo from New World Symphony 3. Preludia a Fugy E Eben, P. A Festive Voluntary new 7. Laudes Sonntagsmusik new Versetti 7. Franklin Lyric Prelude based on music of A.

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Schreiner 3. Adeste Fideles Edmundson, G. Christmas Suite No. Three Lenten Preludes Edmundson, G. To the Setting Sun Elgar, E. Cantique, Op. Organ Album, Book 1 9. Organ Album, Book 2 9. Pomp and Circumstance, Military March No.

Pomp and Circumstance: Military Marches, Op. Vesper Voluntaries, op. Sonata in G Major Op. The Night of the Star Sussex carol 3. Three Meditative Moments based on Moravian Hymns 6. Elevation in A 3. Five Pieces for Organ 5. Grand Choeur in A 3.

Prelude Historic Op. Ekagrata Ferrata, Giuseppe Nocturne, Op. Five Fantasies Finzi, G. Prelude arr.

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Ridout, A. Recitative and Aria Fischer, I. Centennial March Foerster, A. Pasorale in A minor Op. Suite in D , Schmidt ed.