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What will food be like? Hotel breakfasts and dinners often serve a variety of food, including western selections. Lunches will be on the go and often will be Middle Eastern think falafel, chicken kabob, pita bread and hummus. Lunches are not covered in price You are NOT forced to eat the meals at the hotels although they are very tasty!

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Feel free to venture out into the cities to eat whatever you like and experience more of the local cuisine. How much walking will there be? Quite a bit. The stones in the old cities are uneven and slippery, especially when wet and these old cities are unfortunately not handicap accessible.

There will also be long hours of sitting on the bus to travel from city to city. What are the accommodations like? Please remember: this is a cultural immersion trip, not a luxury resort trip. Every hotel will be different. Some may feel like a vacation spot e. Could I bring a relative from out-of-state? We can help them book a flight that meets us in our layover or in Tel Aviv.

Alternatively, they can fly to San Diego to fly with us the whole way. The trip will be cancelled and your money will be refunded if 20 people do not sign up.

Beyond Petra: Hiking borderlands and finding community in northern Jordan

The more people that sign up, the less you pay, so invite your friends! Could I bring my children on this trip? You must chaperone them on the trip though. What is the payment schedule? Final non-refundable payment is due April 1st. What happens if I need to cancel? If you find someone to replace you, we can issue a refund of your payment. Alternatively, the person who is going on the trip can pay you directly and then take over your payment from there.

However, after we send your information into the airlines and book your plane ticket, we can not issue a refund or transfer your ticket to another person. You are then required to utilize travel insurance. Please purchase travel insurance! What company are we traveling with?

This is a Salaam-sponsored trip in cooperation with Holy Land Trust. Salaam is a non-religious, non-partisan organization that creates mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. What else do I need to know? Security in Israel is tight. Consequently, your passport information will need to be sent via e-mail to hotels. If you are uncomfortable with this, you should not go on the trip. After arriving at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, Iyad queued with hundreds of other Syrians to receive food.

He managed to get a few cans of chickpeas on his first day, before going in search for for bread in the intense heat and dust.

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I was losing all hope. Jordan, which borders with Syria, is currently host to more than half a million registered Syrian refugees, and the number of those who are unregistered is thought to be much higher. Iyad was determined to leave the camp with his wife, who was six months pregnant. He started the challenging task of finding a job and new shelter. At first, he looked for somewhere he could use his university degree, but to no avail. He then took on any work he could find: as a farmer, waiter and cleaner, receiving dollars a month. Jordan's obsession with finding her mother's killer has begun spiraling out of control, which worries Lily Lebowski.

Jordan also has nightmares about what she may find in the trunk, featuring a half-brother she had never known existed. She asks Lily to stay with her, knowing that it is a mere matter of time before the car is compacted. When Lily gives Jordan a piece of advice the other would rather not hear, Jordan sends Lily away, only to experience more nightmares.

She eventually gives the car key to Lily, but not till after telling her why her favorite odor is that of cinnamon toast--it was also her mother's favorite odor. She reveals that she is unsure about everything and equates herself to the wolf-man, doomed to harm those around her. Max shows up and apologizes to Jordan for his obsessive behavior after her mother's murder. Jordan also finds that the man she had hired to find the car was not the one who had told her about it, leaving a mystery to unravel.

Lily finds that the key is missing, and Jordan goes after the car on her own. Though she fails to find her mother, Jordan does find the body of Boston Police Detective Carl Jeffers in the trunk of the old car. Detective Jeffers had disappeared mysteriously in Jordan removes a gun from the scene and asks Peter Winslow to look at it, but he instead turns it in to the D. Macy bans Jordan from the case. Jordan's half-brother, James Horton , tells her that Carl Jeffers had been sent to kill him, and that James had only killed him in self-defense.

James asks to stay with Jordan. Jordan confronts Maulden, but is drugged and left in an alley. Woody follows the sound of gunfire to Jordan's apartment, where Max is standing over Tom Maulden's dead body. The conclusion to the second season is revealed in the last episode of season three, " Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?

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Jordan's father is on the run. Jordan goes to Woody for help, but he arrests her when she enters his office, coincidentally right after she asks him for help. He refuses to believe that she even has even so much as a half-brother, because only she and her father have ever seen James. Woody later reveals that he allowed Max to get away, and Jordan tells him that James is responsible for Maulden's death. In order to clear her father's name, they will have to locate James. Their investigation into James's whereabouts lead to him abducting Jordan and taking her to the top of an apartment building to show her where he had "grown up.

Max comes to Jordan later and she demands to know if anything he had told her is true. Instead of answering her question, he tells her that he loves her, and that that is the only thing that is important. In the second episode of the season, presumably after the events of the last episode, Jordan again reveals her passion for justice when, serving on jury duty, she refuses to agree with the other venire jurors on a case with misleading forensic evidence.

Her denial leads to the true killer and exonerates the accused. She also uncovers corruption in a high school after a police officer is accused of killing a student with only one blow to the abdomen. Jordan begins this season in a multi-car pile-up in the Ted Williams Tunnel, where she outwits a gem-smuggler and saves the lives of Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijay and a dying woman, in addition to her own. She also bonds with a murder suspect in the episode " Out of Sight ," much to Woody's displeasure and disapproval, as he believes the agoraphobic artist to be guilty.

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But in clearing the artist's name, Jordan puts herself in the path of the true killer, prompting Woody to come to her rescue. In the episode " Intruded ," Jordan returns home from a night of dancing with Woody to find a man, armed with a knife, in her apartment. He demands that she take her clothes off, but makes no attempt to assault her.

go He instead rifles through her possessions and takes only one item, a locket that had belonged to her mother. Though Jordan refuses to tell anyone of this encounter, determined to solve it on her own, she does eventually open up to Howard Stiles , a psychiatrist who works with the morgue staff. Assessing that she has now reached the same age as her mother was when she was murdered, he says that she is trying to blame herself for what was essentially only a random event. She wants control, he remarks, of what is happening to her, and he points out the cut on her hand, which resulted from her attempt to fight back.

This indicates, he explains, that she has a will to live. Woody also comforts her by returning her mother's locket, and the two of them share a hug. Jordan also faces her past in the episode " Deja Past ," where the 'spooky old house' from her childhood is the scene of an old woman's death. The woman had been the object of superstitions among the local kids, as she had been accused of killing her husband and secreting his body somewhere in the house.

Determined to solve this ancient murder, Jordan uncovers a shocking secret: The couple had a mentally handicapped son who had lived in the attic. Coming downstairs one day to see his father striking his mother, he had killed his father and his mother had hidden this to protect her son. Jordan goes to the ward where the old man has been undergoing treatment for many years and gives him a picture of him and his mother.

In the fifth episode, Jordan travels to the Deep South to solve a murder committed forty years ago. Jordan finds that the original documents on the murder, which the victim's son had provided, are shoddy and incomplete. Exposed to the deeply racist past of a small Mississippi town, which obviously disgusts her, she finds that a handful of intoxicated cops had covered up the entire case, and that she will never be able to prove anything.

Still, Jordan gives a passionate speech to the now-elderly murderer, urging him to apologize to the victim's wife, which is all she the wife wants. She also tells him that she will only be leaving at the request of the victim's family, and that they care about his elderly wife, who needs such constant attention that his arrest would deprive her of her only caretaker, and leave no one else to take care of her in that case. She offers to drive him to the home to apologize, thereby giving the victim's wife the only thing she had wanted.

Jordan again comes close to death in the episode " It Happened One Night ," where a released mobster seeks revenge on her father and his old friends. She finds that he actually seeks the money the group of cops had supposedly stolen, and she discovers that the culprit is a man she often refers to as her uncle.