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Writing picture books looks deceptively simple—after all, how hard can it be to write a page story of about words? Most picture books are between and words. In fact, though, it is this very economy of words that challenges a writer most. Make your story different. Heck, you got a standing ovation!

By the way, first graders will enjoy almost anything that gets them out of math. But is your story different enough from what is already out there to compel a publisher to invest thousands of dollars publishing, marketing and selling it? I have a 9 yr old who is still a reluctant reader. He says it takes too long.

I have tried various things from reading about his hobbies to aloud reading to trying to make it fun. Any suggestions on how I tell if it is comprehension issues? Crystal, Have you listened to your son read aloud? Often it is only after listening to a student read aloud for 10 minutes or so can we get a good idea of where they are struggling. Typically, comprehension issues are caused by other reading issues, such a not being able to read smoothly and fluently, or not having the stamina for reading well for longer periods.

Listening to him will help you to hear if it is something like this. In it we discuss that good readers read more which makes reading easier which makes it more enjoyable so they read more in an ongoing upward spiral. Struggling readers find reading hard so they read less which makes reading more hard in an ongoing downward spiral.

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Because of the Matthew Effect, you may find it beneficial to simply require your son to read for 20 minutes or so every day, whether he wants to or not. I used 2 small finger puppets one for me, one for her and we pretended the puppets were reading the story. She loves pretend play, and it helped make reading less like work.

What a way to make it uniquely fun for your daughter, Marci. Thank you for sharing this great idea. Does anyone have any ideas for a child who is fully capable of reading two levels above her grade level, but puts up a fight anytime her own grade level reading is required of her? This is normal human nature; I am very capable of reading The Illiad , but instead I enjoy young adult fiction much of the time.

How you are deciding what reading level the books are? I am not sure how grade level for books is determined and there is a lot of contrary information about that online , but obviously there is a flaw in the system if these two books are ranked similarly. For one thing, the content and interest level of one is at a much higher level than the other. Have you listened to your daughter read aloud the kind of books that you want her to read but she is resisting? Or, you may find her fluency is fine, but the smaller print of higher level books troubles her.

Or she sees the thickness, with few to no pictures, and her confidence is shaken. It is very difficult to determine what the issue is without sitting with her and hearing her read it.

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I have made the mistake of requiring my children to read books that I felt they were ready for, but they felt were too hard. It never ended up with them being motivated to read more, and at times it ended up with them wanting to read much less. It is a much better tactic to encourage them to read a lot on a level they are comfortable with, but to keep offering suggestions for books they may enjoy. Sooner or later they will move to a higher level and start to enjoy reading there. If you feel the need to require her to read a book of your choosing which I do occasionally, such as historical fiction that goes along with our studies , set a timer and allow her to stop at 20 minutes no matter how far or not far she gets.

Another useful technique to encourage higher level reading is to buddy read the book with her. I need to try some of these ideas! Thank you for sharing them. My younger son 7 is a reluctant reader which is not helped by the fact that his older brother reads a ton and loves reading. Poor guy. Read this for future advice as my son is not yet ready to learn how to read. He loves to be read to, however, I can see him wanting to give up if he finds reading difficult.

He wants to be easily good at everything and is frustrated when he is not. My son was a reluctant reader. All About Reading and Spelling have helped us to overcome this. Although I thought the day would never come, he is finally beginning to enjoy reading. Great article! As you mentioned, a variety of materials even comic books often helps.

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Great point, Fawn. Someone else expressing interest in what they read is very motivating for many kids. I always have trouble finding books outside curriculum , that my daughter can read. Audrey, It can be a struggle to find phonics based reading books on the earliest level, because so much of what is published today is sight reading based. However, if you let us know what level of AAR your child is on, we do keep lists of additional reading material that people have told us have worked for their children.

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I would LOVE a list of reading materials for my grandson. He is in AAR level 2 but we are hoping to work into level 3 before summer. Here are some readers that others have told us they used with AAR 2. We have not looked at all of these to make sure there are no new patterns introduced; I know some will have a few new patterns, so pre-read the materials if you have a struggling learner who might need more help. The titles that start with Mr. Putter and Tabby.

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Book 3 mainly uses concepts from AAR 2 some 3. If not, I segmented to see if they could blend. Or, if I sensed they were near frustration, sometimes I just said the word so they could keep going. Bob Books these start easy but the higher sets do use more advanced words. Levels 3, 4, and 5 include concepts mainly from levels of AAR. Fly Leaf, A Book to Remember has very nice pictures but can be expensive. You might check your library for these. All 1 syllable words. Introduces both small and capital letters. Progressive Phonics — Free phonics books that can be read online or downloaded and used right away.

Follows AAR very closely. They are available online for free in the public domain. We Both Read books — These books are designed for the parent to read one page of more difficult text and the child reads the other page of easier text. We all look forward to it. Tami, Yes, we agree. Reading aloud regularly to children, even beyond when they can read well themselves, is beneficial in so many ways, plus it makes warm, fuzzy memories.

Laura, Yes, reading to younger kids is a great motivator for reading. Definitely finding a subject that interests my son works.

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The Level 1 Star Wars reader worked for him the other day! My reluctant reader is also a born comedian, so directing him towards silly chapter books like: How to Eat Fried Worms, is helpful. He just finished that one in a breeze since it was something he was interested in. Lots of fun!. The only thing that he likes to read to himself is comic books.

He is a fourth grader and he still likes reading picture books. We like all the Dr.