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The notion that these avid Abbasid thinkers desired only classical Greek treatises betrays yet another condescending view of Islamic scholarship.

ISBN 13: 9781596914599

Lyons convincingly shows the flow of many influences to Baghdad -- Chinese, Egyptian, Persian and especially Indian. Lyons tells his multilayered story deftly, forsaking the tyranny of chronology to flesh out ideas and personalities.

Hence a fascinating history of the astrolabe, and its importance to Gerard of Aurillac, the pope of the year , who as a youth looked longingly southward from Christian Barcelona to the scientific wonders of Muslim al-Andalus. Lyons lingers on the life stories of the intellectual buccaneers who realized long before anyone else in the West that the action was taking place in the East.

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Unexpectedly, and persuasively, Lyons lauds the contribution of astrology and alchemy, both Arab strong suits, in the development of modern science. When the best libraries in Europe held several dozen books, Baghdad's great library, The House of Wisdom, housed four hundred thousand.

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Even while their countrymen waged bloody Crusades against Muslims, a handful of intrepid Christian scholars, hungry for knowledge, traveled East and returned with priceless jewels of science, medicine, and philosophy that laid the foundation for the Renaissance. In this brilliant, evocative book Jonathan Lyons reveals the story of how Europe drank from the well of Muslim learning. In The House of Wisdom, Jonathan Lyons shapes his narrative around the travels of the little-known but extraordinary Adelard of Bath, an English monk who traveled to the East in the early 12th century and learned Arabic well enough to translate mathematical treatises into English Lyons's narrative is vivid and elegant.

In , Lyons moved to Tehran and reopened the Reuters bureau, which had been closed by the authorities 13 years earlier.

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He then worked for five years in Reuters' Washington office, before taking up his last foreign assignment in Jakarta in covering radical Islamic movements across Southeast Asia. He also studied at the Pushkin Institute of Russian language in Moscow. In this fascinating and thoughtful book Jonathan Lyons restores credit to the Arab thinkers of the past, explores and reveals the extent of their learning and describes the intrepid adventures of those who went in search of it and who, in doing so, laid the foundations of what we now call the Renaissance. Credit Line: Library of Congress.

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