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Then we go on to the emulator. When the emulator starts a pop up window will first ask you to specify the dimensions. The emulator is what will help you figure out if your program is working by behaving exactly like the phone would. Now we go on to the hard part, which is the source code. This is also where the magic happens. Here you use Java to write the main program.

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You can access it from the options in the window on the Left Hand Side of the main Window. Here you will also find the option to view the Gen Code. It is advised not to make any changes to that as it can cause unforeseeable problems with your program. So we only stick to the source code while making the app. In the same window you will also find Jar.

This is the option that helps you make the app interactive and define how your app will respond to touch, slide and tilt. The drawables in this option are not under the control of the programmer as it is the phone that decides the resolution of the app according to its capabilities after the app is transferred to the phone. It also has the option that would allow you to put in the sound track of your app.

Extra care have to be taken while putting in a soundtrack as the video and sound of the app could go out of sync if there is any lag in the program. Most programmers make a separate folder for the soundtrack instead of linking the soundtrack to the program itself to prevent the app from getting slow. Now that you are intimate with the entire process of building an Android app you can very well implement your knowledge of Java and XML to build your very own Android app.

With new models and new apps, the Google android has expanded enormously over a very short period of time. If you want to see your app on the market, android is the preferred platform to program for as Google has open sourced all the tools you would need. This means that unlike programming for Apple, programming for Android is totally free. All the tools you should need to develop your app can be downloaded very easily from various sites all around the net. This move by Google provided for a lot many third party apps on android than there are on Apple store.

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Android provides us with apps that are more fulfilling both qualitatively and quantitatively than Apple. Apple has quality because it restricts quantity and innovation. Android provides for a wide and amazing variety of Apps.

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No fee is needed to use the Android App Development Tools. Well, I am not going to totally motivate you. There is a lot to programming an app. Also, the large variety of apps on the Play Store limits the possibility of your App being unique and standing out.

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To be something new, you have to be brilliant enough to think out of the box and take risks. Come up with a way to challenge the users, maybe new levels to unlock or new objects to buy. This would keep the user hooked on to the game longer. Almost the same pointers need to be followed while building a utility app. At the root level, what you need to keep in mind is that your app should be simple, interesting and user friendly. Android platform supports a variety of languages. Java is the most popular language used for android programming as the ADT bundle comes equipped with eclipse.

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  6. The language choice is totally up to the user. You should choose whichever language you are comfortable with though, as usual, object oriented languages are preferred over procedural due to their respective paradigms. This single download provides all the tools you would need to begin developing. It provides you with an entire environment that helps you build your app. A lot of features are embedded in it like auto complete support which guesses and completes your code snippet for you even before you finish writing it.

    If the app looks colourful, user-friendly and has a good app-interface, people are more likely to download it and use it.

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    While building an app, you as a designer must make sure that it is user friendly and interactive. This is where Interface builder comes in. As the name suggests, this software lets you build your interface. You have a lot of objects to choose from. Using the interface builder, you can not only add buttons and labels but also add sliders and labels to your app interface.

    The interface builder is fun to tweak around with and easy to understand and use. Building an interface to most developers is the coolest and most difficult thing to do. Some may prefer not to use the interface builder as this software has pre customized lay-outs and profession developers usually want a unique interface but I personally advice the beginners to use the interface builder as it is easier to incorporate your work flow.

    Apart from the code and the design what all developers and builders need for a start is an idea. Many apps in the app store are really simple to code and require very less infrastructure. What makes them stand out is not the expenditure or the technicality of the code but the uniqueness of the idea behind it. Look at the facebook app, it is a simple idea and very useful because everyone requires to view facebook nowadays. Or the dictionary app. Or the bookshelf. I advise you to go search the app store for inspiration for idea.

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    Be unique and original. It takes a lot of effort to build an app. But the process is fun and at the end it is definitely worth it. The UI is made to reduce typing and present a hassle free interface. Every great app goes through 5 steps of design namely concept, structure, interaction, visual and prototype to consider each aspect of design.

    A separate tutorial on intro to game development is also given. You can also upload your free and paid apps on windows store, once you register yourself with them. You have the privilege to join forums to ask or answer questions related to programming or usage. Promotion of apps- Revealing a little secret if you want your app to ranked high then just keep in mind 3 things 1. Utility- it should be meaningful and involve users to create and refresh content so that it becomes part of their daily routine and 3.

    Enjoyment- creative and alluring apps to let user build interest and get entertained. HTC is also a proud window phone maker with its Windows phone 8x has capacity to run 4g internet to get advantage of the superfast browsing and downloading speed.

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    For the time being just enjoy the competition and the innovative apps that thrive out of it! Nowadays, many people are getting into the world wide craze of developing apps. I mean, how totally radical would it be to see a game or a calendar that you coded or designed on your iPad or iPhone? It is a phenomenon that has become viral.

    Whether you are an engineering student,a professional developer or just a tech-fan, you dreaming about seeing your own app in the app market are not only natural but also usual.

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    The problem with developing apps is that if you are a new developer, chances are that you may have no idea as to where to begin. Many people I know spend days, maybe months wondering where to start. That according to me is the hardest part.

    Apple provides a number of tools to help you develop your apps. Though there is a free Xcode available as well, I find it better to buy it as the paid version has a lot better features and is not that expensive. It is definitely worth the money spent. You would also need other softwares like an interface builder, tools for code testing and some more depending on the requirements of your project.